Since I can’t go to the concert and my facebook can’t be log in due to being blocked, All I have to do is sit here and translate my Idol’s blog. Since today is the day, everyone’s blog is Uta Pri Live 4 only, haha!!

Last year, Aoichan and Maenu had bought their character’s Parka, I was ‘sugeeeeeeeee’ and squeezing all over, now, Mamochan has updated his recently picture which he has been wearing Tokiya’s Parka, and I am super doki doki.
If, possibly that today, all 11 of them wear their character’s Parka?!!
I am looking forward to those fangirls photos from the concert!!

Talking of which, this Live’s Light Stick was super aswesome, crown looks alike haha…. It’s great however, it’s still have some problems in my opinion… Reji’s color and Cecil’s color are different, although they’re both green however, Cecil’s is lighter is has more of the yellow in it and Ranchan’s color and Otoya’s was not the same red since Ran’s is more darker.

In the third Live stage in 2012, when they asked the fans to change their light stick, to me, I can’t tell Otoya’s color and Ranchan’s, same to Reji’s and Cecil.
This Year, Aichan’s color and Tokiya’s are same same >”<…

A, I almost forgot, this year, they have the T-shirt, the box, the teddy bears,..etc.. really alots, Looking at them, i really want to buy all of 11 character’s stuffs but my money won’t allow *cry in sorrow*

Anyway, everyone, faito ne!!

So close from the same Asia and the country recently has been your companion, there is a fangirl always looking up to you guys!!!!


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