Stabber? I guess

Until last April, I had retired from being a moderator of an Japanese Culture box in a forum. Well, I had to say that It’s pretty much fun but, 2 years is a long way and I think that It’s my time, I should be considering about my hobbies more, about those thing I like but never have a chance to finish what I have started.
However, because of the busy of the administrator, yesterday, I was completely resigned from that position. Talking to myself, the reason why I choose not to continue following that path is because I have found my others priorities, and when I talk to my colleges which has a same position as I do, she said that I want to abandon the job, and leave the box to stay corrupt.
In and out, I didn’t think it will come that way. I was simply want to resign but still watching the box I had reconstructed.

Meeh, I don’t care anymore, now I am free. I will continue to draw, practice my organ, sing design, sub and do anything I like.


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