Long time no see!!

Well, it’s been a very long time since my last post. I am super busy with my school schedule my exam, my school festival and everything. Just this evening, I had finished my final major exam, however, still more 2 to go. “Psychology” and “Understanding language”…
To tell the truth, since March, I haven’t touched a finger in Shimone’s blog and Mamoru’s blog, in some free times, I saw some articles but not much. Even I haven’t had a chance to continuously watch the third season of my up till now favorite anime ” Uta Pri maji revolution”.
Recently, I have stressed out a lots, however thanks to Hirotan and Uta pri sama’s old song, I got trough, somehow, not fully recovered or regained my strength but still make it for a day.
This July, I will take my Japanese Ability which I still have to stay away from blog, translated stuffs, subbing…etc… for a while. However some project is still going on and I have lots of thing to do when I come back.

By the way, I have been through some really fascinating events since April, and I will write about it when I come back.
Till then. Take care! And thank you for everything!

ps: Talking of which, my designing is stand by uwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa~~


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